The SAGA is in full force….

Us against the squirrel(??s)… one of the battle. None to be seen, none heard…. hmmm. I wonder if everything we did last night gave them a message to GET OUTTA TOWN!!. It would be really nice if we won already…..

IU know I went on about this last night, but it is weighing HEAVY on my mind….

I am kinda glad nothing  has ventured into the have a heart trap. I re-read the instructions for releasing them… ya gotta love it !…. It says first to quietly approach the cage as not to scare them…. ( now that has me really confused… ! because once you get to the cage with them in it… you are going to take the little guy for a ride far away….after getting picked up and going in the trunk of the car for a few miles… how do you calmly approach the cage…??)

So here I am imagining if  I caught one and I would have to take him for a little ride … and get to a  field….

The instructions just say to gently lift the door up and stick a stick thru the cage to hold the door up…

I would think before I get the door gently lifted up and hold my hand steady enough to weave a stick thru the cage door, that the squirrel might be climbing up my arm of pants leg, and I will be screaming like a little girl on a roller coaster ride…. .

So needless to say… I am really glad today there was no squirrels in sight and no sounds of them down below or in the walls. We have probably scattered 3 bottles of cinnamon power in the heat vents and around the house…. and we have a sonic thing in the crawl space…. and cayenne  pepper mixture squirrel repellent all over… and today I took the bird feeder down and cloroxed it, dried it and it is going in the shed… I need to put a sign up… squirrels not welcome here….

Today was a nice day really, not too hot, not too humid, nice breeze and nothing horrible happened… I went to the docs with Mark this afternoon,,, they are going to order some tests for him to see what is going on… now it is a wait for the insurance approval or denial before the tests are done. And he is going to go see a specialist too. Gotta make that appointment.sept 2011 stuff 003 This weekend I hope to get some nice photos of Fall as it starts to paint the world different colors, and maybe even a few good sunsets. I do not know what exactly it is about sunsets and sunrises that consumes me, maybe the majesty of them, the awe, the knowing that no one can ruin them, no one can make them man made…. they are a gift we are all blessed with… we just have to look at them.

It is really neat how many gifts we are given every day… if we just look … Love to all…. more to follow on the saga of us against the squirrel(??s)…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy