Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 015

A proud big sister with her new little brother… and grandpa.

Meet Caleb, and see Mackenzie as she grows up to a very smiling little girl.

She was really cute today, showing us things and always wanting to see the back of the camera to look at the picture just taken. “Me see!” she would say with a huge smile.

Caleb… he mostly slept… Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 005

We did try to capture a yawn, which he did a few times… but by the time the camera finished its little delay thing, the yawn was gone!

We surprised Adrianne and the kids with a visit. We were not totally sure we would make it all the way out there, as Mark has been having some incredibly tough times with dizziness and nausea.

But we did make it, and we actually were able to enjoy them for an hour or so, than Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 036headed home via the Charlotte Pier. It is a very long pier where Mark and Adrianne spent a lot of hours at when she was much younger, before Mark and I were together. Mark introduced me to the pier and I found comfort at it on the weekends when Jeff went to stay with his dad. After Mark and I were together, it was a family place where we brought the kids.

It is different now, more developed with walking paths, and a road that used to be there is now  a cement walkway that is fairly wide.  If you really want to pretend you are Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 041at the ocean… you can kinda…

The waves were slapping… a much lighter slap than the ocean waves… but it was the same noise.

There were not too many people up there, it was not a too hot or too cold day, there was a slight breeze… I felt bad though because Mark was not able to walk too far, but we did get to experience the setting for a little bit. We headed back  to the car as the sprinkle of rain started to  coat the area.

Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 051I found this little guy amazing, this duck was acting like the greeter as we entered the area, he was in the same spot as we entered the pier and when we came back. He bowed as we walked by, as if to say… “Have a good day…How do you do ?”

look at the blue on his body, it was almost glowing.

So today was a nice day. A day different than we had initially intended a few weeks ago… we had been toying with maybe camping… but it is not fun camping when the world is spinning and the trailer feels like it is tipping…

So we are here now …. and we were able to spend some time with Adrianne and the kids… I went and got the groceries already for the week, and now we have the weekend!. Peace to all, Love and prayers… Mrs. Justa alias Cindy