20010088Some of the best moments in life are those in the casual times. When we let life be, when we are sitting somewhere, being relaxed, talking and sharing thoughts as they come out.

This was taken Fathers Day, it was Mark and Brandon having a conversation about who knows what, Mackenzie watching on ..but Brandon is very involved in whatever it is grandpa ( affectionately referred to as “papa”) is saying to him. Things he will remember …. I love to see the kids and how they each interact with him.

Life is short really in the scheme of things, and moments I had with my grandmother were special, but only for 4 years. Moments with my dad..those were  special too, because he was traveling all the time as a salesman, so when I had a moment I could call our own—oh it felt so good to me.

My mom was always busy with babies it seemed… but through the hustles of life—there were time when each person shared words of wisdom with me.

I remember things my parents and grandmother said to me, just off the cuff things. Prophetic type things, things they would say with starting out “Cynthia, always remember that… “ And you know what, whenever I heard something starting out with that phrase, I  listened as if they were giving me a secret of life worth more than money could buy…funny…I think I looked at them like Brandon was looking up at grandpa in that picture.

I cherished the moments with these adults in my20010027 life… as special moments. The way I think the grandkids cherish moments with the adults in their lives..

I have held onto these words of wisdom for many many years…..


always say a prayer each day, not asking for things, but thanking God for all you have, even when it feels like you have nothing-you have life, you have spirit, you have faith.

never wear underwear with holes in them… if you got in an accident the people at the hospital would see your underwear.. ( and to this day… no underwear with holes in them get on my body)…

think before you speak, words are like knives in the soul…

look both ways before you cross the street….

don’t bite the hand that feed you…..

never go to sleep on an angry sun(…that is hard to do when you are really angry with someone)

beauty is only skin deep… the real you is what is in your heart…………….

beauty is as beauty does……

haste makes waste………….

20010059honesty is the best policy…( I learned the HARD way that this was true…. in my youth(oh about 6 or 7) I lied a lot. My mom told me I would never be believed and we would have to move for me to start fresh with people. When we moved when I was 10 I finally felt like I had a new lease on life, for mom said we had to move before anyone would believe anything I said.


there are no guarantees in life except birth and death

money can not buy happiness

the best things in life are free

cherish every moment like it is your last, for one moment will be your last…

the only time you should look down at another person, is when you are lending them a hand to help them up…

respect your elders ( this is getting harder as I am becoming more elder !!!)

smile often, smile from your heart….a smile costs you nothing but can be shared by many….

crap does not run up hill….

it is better to give than to receive

and if you do not love yourself, you can not love another truly….

as I write these down I am feeling a terrible loss… the loss of the words of wisdom from my grandmother, my mom and dad…. I miss them !!!

Peace to all… my mind is reeling with lessons of life…. Love, Mrs Jsuta alais cindy