Whoa… sometime I get the gut wrenching feeling of missing a person…. but tonight I am missing the ocean. We really had such a nice week at the Outer Banks in April, and I am kinda sickened over the destruction they are dealing with in various areas there.

outer banksBut I long to hear the ocean as it sang us to sleep, and the ocean breeze and the sand. It is such a feeling of awe to me to be at the ocean. Looking forever, and seeing nothing, but feeling the force of the ocean as it flaps onto the shore.

I am glad we did not reserve the same house for next year, as who knows if it is okay after the hurricane.

It would be great though to go back, not just the 2 of us, but doing a rental house again and sharing the costs. The life is surreal in a way. Here we sit in upstate NY, weather ever changing, and everything feels normal. At times I guess it could feel mundane to some, but there…. there was nothing mundane in that week.

The early morning sunrises, the late evening goodbyes of the sun, the coffee on the deck and the strolls on the sea shore..the feeling that there was nothing that mattered really…. life was there… but not stressful.

Yes, it was a wonderful week, one that etched a huge part in my mind, in my heart. I totally loved it.

So tonight, as I get ready to head off to bed… I have comforting memories of a wonderful week…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        one that we have 4 seniors from high school and a brother and sister-in-law to thank for including us on the journey…


I can say with certainty… it will not be the last time we go to the ocean in a weekly rental… wow… that week lives on in my mind… I think I really fell in love with the experience.

Peace to all, Love always, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy