20010110Today is a special day for me. Jeff, Amanda and the 2 boys are coming over in a little bit for dinner. Life has been really kinda crazy lately and we have not spent as much time with them , so this is really special for me.

Mark has been having some pretty intense health issues and mental health issues, so it has been a tough couple months . I can not believe how we, as a people, tend to take our bodies for granted. Not everyone,,, but many of us…and when something gets out of the norm..it can really be unsettling.

Last week we were camping on the weekend and could not come home Sunday because Mark got hit with a spell of vertigo that literally made it impossible for him to walk, sit or stand for 8 hrs. He ha continued with the dizziness, but not as mad as last weekend!He is just today feeling ok enough to drive.  We never left camp till Monday mid morning, and I was unsure if we would or not, so I extended our reservation thru Thurs.

Today I was blessed with an awesome church service, I just love going there…. Pastor Carl is truly a spiritual man and so compassionate…church brings me to a place where other people come to hear the same thing I come there for. The people there are so nice, so real…there is not competition or jealousy…people who seem to really care about one another.

Than the weather cleared up nicely so the garden is almost ready for winter, I was able to go into the camper and wash the counters and floor and make the bed with fresh clean sheets, and we are ready to venture out on the next nice weekend.

Lasagna is baking, Mark is napping, the dog is watching him, laundry is just finishing up, just got out of a really hot shower… and soon the house will be filled with grandchildren and adult children. We have a new grandson Caleb… we hope to go meet him this week.sept 2011 stuff 004 Gotta see how we can coordinate that with Adrianne and whatever we have on the calendar for this week.

The fall colors are coming out, I really want to get some on film… and share them with you. Here is an incredible sunset from last week… it was truly dramatic… So in this often stressful, sometimes unbelievable life… I wanted to drop by and wish a great week for all. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy