Okay… it is war… And I really hope we win!

232323232fp43435_nu=325;_645_;48_WSNRCG=34_3;73253324nu0mrj[1]This little varmint has decided to come under our house. It sounds like he may have brought a few friends too. Can you say creeping me out !

So about a week and 1/2 ago I was mowing the yard and I mowed next to the house and 3 red baby squirrels came dashing out. It was a rather amusing moment, as my feet wanted to take me in a totally different direction than the one I was headed in. They all took off in different directions, but the runt was a bold little guy, I thought he was gonna run up my pant legs.( had he done that I would probably still be running!!) So I stomped my foot towards him, he turned around, stuck his tail in the air… so I persuaded him with the lawn mower to head to the hedge row.

I was hoping my scaring them with the mower got rid of them… but alas… Mark has heard some activity under the floor today…this is not cool… as our home is a double wide, with insulation and a huge black vapor barrier that covers the entire bottom of the house. The house sits on 4 rows of cinder blocks all the way around, and there appears to be space between the house and the cinder blocks… well these guys musta climbed up the cinder block wall and entered on top of the vapor barrier material.

The pets are sniffing by the heat vents….  grrr… so once again we are looking at the dilemma. We went on line and found they HATE cinnamon… so we now have cinnamon in all our heat vents…( now when the furnace comes on this place will fill with cinnamon dust…but we gotta get rid of these guys…  and we got a have a heart trap… ( although I really am not feeling loving towards these invaders.)  and we sprinkled squirrel repellent around, and we put a sonic noise thing in the crawl space under the house.

Now here is my really freaky situation. It is okay when the trap is empty… but when you get it full… how can you carefully lift the door so they can exit… while you are bee- lining at about 50 mph on foot to get away from the rodent??

It has a really neat drawing in the instructions about lifting the door when you are ready to release the precious critter  and holding it open with a stick… but what if this little bugger decides to dart out while we are carefully opening the door…

I am having a really hard time with that part. IF we do not capture any.. we will have to get a critter ridder type person…but we need to see if this experiment is going to work.

So no more bird feeder…232323232fp43372_nu=325;_645_;48_WSNRCG=34_3;73258324nu0mrj[1] sorry feathered dudes… but you throw the food on the ground and feed the squirrels… so go elsewhere for munchies.. the Krusen restaurant is CLOSED>>>No more Mrs and Mr Nice Guy…. you no longer are CUTE!!!

I wish I had like a bullet proof body suit… that way I would not be afraid of retaliation with the furry demon on the release….. . Hopefully ( in an un hopefully way… ) tomorrow will be a follow up to the empty trap…. maybe we need to take a movie of the release … if we catch one…

Yuck… it seems like stuff just never stops… Peace to all… and more to follow. Cindy alias Mrs Justa alias…non squirrel lover….