So here I am pathetically watching an African Cam , listening to the crickets cricketing, and waiting for the great elephant to appear. Earlier there were 3 lions drinking from the river and I watched like it was a 5 star movie.

I am not quite sure what it is that intrigues me, maybe that I can be in the jungle in my office chair.

Because I can assure you… not for a zillion bucks would I be sitting by that river in real life. So this takes me places where I would never be, from a camera in a tree… ooooo there are 2 animals walking in darkness… ( oh I am pathetic!)

The other day I say lions looking like they were pulling apart an animal…that was kinda gross!!!!!!

Today was my last day of work100_4382 this week. I had initially taken today, Fri and mon off – asked for it back in March- just in case we ended up heading to New England for the fall foliage. But as the days came closer and we now have the camper , we were planning on camping… but now— well Mark has not been feeling very good for the past few weeks, and so camping we will hold off on too. We may go fall foliage looking if the rain lets up, I plan to winterize the inside— ( take the food out, package the linens and such…. )of the  camper, as our weeks are getting down to the time for storage, and we really want to have it mouse proofed. We have it scheduled for the 15th of Oct for the real winterization. I guess they will make sure the water areas are treated for winter.

It was a nice summer, 100_4366a really hot summer… I hope the heat stays close enough in my memory to remind me of it when the north winds howl.

( Oh there is a thunder storm in Africa!!.. How cool is that !!) I hope everyone is doing okay… life has been full of challenges for many people I know… and for every one of them… I send prayers for you. Often it is so hard to find strength to take one step in front of the other when  the world feels like it is lying on your shoulders.

Love to all, mrs Justa alias Cindy

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