A Hot Humid Friday night, thunder storms rolling past us, and I just finished a lime freeze pop. I did have 2 lime ones, but shared with my honey.

So here I sit, for a moment or two, thankful the weekend is here. This week was a little hectic at times, I worked a lot on reading legal documents and trying to simplify them into lay person’s terms, so that I could do a power point.

I got it done, I warned the group it was a rather DRY subject and hoped they had had some caffeine. It did go well….

Now the weekend is among us, A graduation party tomorrow afternoon, and some stuff I want to do around the house. We did just go get our groceries, so that is out of the way.

Graduation from high school.. ahhh.. that was 40 scary years ago for me. It was a bitter sweet moment in my life. I had many people in my class, and to me, they were people I called friends. But as I look back ,years since high school, there were not the friends I imagined.

There is a person from high school that I stay in touch with, but we were not friends in high school..we knew of each other….she and I consider each others to be good friends now.

But all those people I shared 8 years of my life with, I do not think I meant anything to them. I remember that I idolized many, going through yearbooks and looking a their different photos, wishing I had relationships like they did..but my life was different. I had a lot of family responsibilities, being a child in a family of 7, with a my mom widowed for all these 8m years, there were things to help with, kids to watch.

Our niece on the other hand has some really good friends. She and her friends are who we shared driving to the outer banks in April. I truly can see them staying in touch through their adult years, through college, marriage, childrearing, empty nest syndromes and all in between. I wonder if graduation will be hard for her and her friends?

I think maybe it was hard for me, because on my heart I knew that my “friends” were really not… and when I took off that robe and cap.. I was taking off life as I knew it.

This year is a 40th class reunion, I am not going to go, because I do not really have anyone that would be looking to see me… and I can not think of anyone I would be looking.

It will be neat to see Morgan after she has graduated,   she seems to have good friends and a level head on her shoulders.
How neat to see good kids grow up !

Peace to all, be careful out there.  Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy