100_6676Today was a day of deep thought.

Today was a day of feeling good.

Today I donated blood…

I used to do it 4-5 times a year..and than I stopped in 2000. I am not sure what selfish reasons I have had to ignore the signs asking for blood… but I am sure at the time they felt like good reasons.

But as I lay on the stretcher for maybe 10 minutes , I wondered whose lives will be better because of this gesture that each one of us are doing? . We all seem to be so darn busy , and there are some pretty staggering statistics on this web page….


……..things that mean a lot more than the lame excuses I have had for not giving a pint of blood every 56 days.

As I was there, I watched a bunch of my co-workers rolling up their sleeves, and regardless of how busy or stressed each person there was- they had STOPPED… and gave something of themselves- something we all make—something we can replace.. something that will save lives of others in need.

My mind had time to whirl a little as I sat in the instant made cubicle where they speak to you before you give the blood. One of the people doing the blood drive had peeked her head in, apologizing for any delay , saying the turn out was great, and they were a little shorthanded. ..Not to worry I thought.. as it gave me more time to think. I wonder what was happening way back when, when someone figured out we could share our blood with others in need?

The cubicle was made of folding vinyl coated walls- the desk a table they fold up easily, and photo copies on the make shift walls showing where every part of the work station goes. A lap top to record the info and answers to certain health and life style questions.

Outside of the cubicle- people quietly moving between stretchers, checking on people as they donated blood. Everyone getting along, everyone seeming to know that good things were happening in that room. A room that is normally a place we go for meetings, a room where we are taught things and sometimes teach things to others.. transformed into a Mash like looking center- all taking time from life to give life. Giving of blood, it is a gift that we are able to give, no matter what our income is. In my mind.. it is like God has blessed us with this ability to give.

Yes .. today was a fell good day… if you can… if you have no health reasons why you can not…. think about it.. .. you need no special talents- your body is the performer…. and your body will make up that pint in no time flat…..yes think about it….the life you are saving.. well it could be someone you know or maybe someone you do not know… but your blood… it  could save a number of lives..…. Love to all… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy