Last weekend was camping and fathers day weekend 2011 001weekend number 2 of camping. It really went well all in all. This time we had a woods site , and it was not as level (as seen by the height of the stabilizing bars !) as it appeared as we drove by weeks prior, eyeballing sites. Lesson numero ( who knows..) really check the level of a site….

But it was not real bad. We had A tie out for Indi and he did do fairly well, and thankfully when we came home he did not have seizures.

We learned a few things this trip… like there is something really wrong with the ball and hitch. They really really like each other, and do not want to come apart once they are hooked up.

It was funny, as one drives into a campsite, with an obviously new camper, people are watching. Thinking things like “Get the popcorn and a beer..rookies have arrived! Let’s watch them try to back that trailer in…Or maybe people start betting _ like in poker- to see how many back and forths happen before the camper goes in.”

Well, Mark had driven truck for 27 years before he got hurt, so he puts that camper in it’s place really smoothly and fast. DISAPPOINTMENT for the poker people or the popcorn eater… BUT Wait… than it takes over an hour to unhook it from the trailer hitch !!! Oh we jiggle the truck back and forth, crank a little, jiggle more… the dog is barking because we have put him in the camper.. we are getting frustrated… and poker bets are probably flying now.

Monday the trailer goes back to the camping store and they are going to look at the set up and fix whatever is wrong.. Talk about looking like ROOKIES!!!

THAN we also learned….camping and fathers day weekend 2011 003 confusious says .. do NOT plug a 30 amp camper into a heavy duty extension cord….

Yep we melted that sucker so bad .. it had become one with the reel…

Thank God we were at the site when it decided to meet it’s maker…. or who know what would have happened.

It sucks too… this was an rather costly extension cord…. … but we learned we need 30 amp extension cord for the camper…

It would have sucked more if the thing had caught on-fire…

No harm to the camper or the outlet it was plugged into… just the wire got a little—shall we say— warm …

camping and fathers day weekend 2011 032

Here is the cord in the trash.. we also learned that the sea gulls like to poke holes in the garbage bags,,,

so until the garbage pick up at 7 Saturday evening- we were chasing this sea gull…

I laughed because since my mom died- seagulls appear at different times—different places…like she visits by way of a sea gull…this one kept coming back, looking at the bag, pecking by the cord..than we shooed it away from the garbage…  so either mom was letting us know she was watching over us.. or she was looking at our garbage bag and shaking her head over our mistake number ( who knows what number)

This weekend we are home… it is nice to be home too. We have a graduation party to go to for a niece… and stuff on my list of to dos for the weekend.

Hope all is well with all… I am off to the washer to get the clothes out..and than this ol’ lady is heading for some shut eye… Work is rather mind stressing right now Smile Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy