100_6666Sure is kinda quiet around here…second night.. Last night Indi was just lying around… tonight he is in the doggie hospital. So he is lying around still… just about 15 miles from here. Dang… it sucks having a pet get sick !!!! Mark was just automatically being careful not to drop his foot anywhere near Indi..force of habit… and than reality hits…. He is not here.

We called the vets this morning and ended up bringing him there around 7:20 AM. The vet called us around 9:20 telling us he is very sick….. they are waiting for blood work to come back on Thursday, they know his white blood cell count is really really high- which means a pretty significant infection, he is in so much pain that they can not touch his belly, finally this afternoon he had enough IV pain meds that they were able to get an x ray of his abdomen- it is showing swelling behind the stomach,that could be the pancreas, the liver.. both or either..inflamed. He is on IV fluids, IV antibiotics, IV pain meds, and will be in-patient through tomorrow at least.

He has had pancreatitis once before, and after about 30 hrs of IV fluids, antibiotics and pain meds.. he was able to come home. If it is the same thing again, than he may be coming home tomorrow or Friday. But he would be on probably LOTS of meds and special prescription foods. 

So tomorrow we will find Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 274out more. I miss the little guy already… he has such a love for people and is so affectionate.. It was so hard to see home so sick that he cared about nothing. And it is weird how quickly he went from being okay to being lethargic.

So prayers and candles for the wisdom of his care givers and the strength of Indi to get through whatever happens, with less pain, and with comfort.

Love to all… I am off to call it a night.. I think we got up at 3:AM , spent lots of time petting him and waiting for 7AM to come so we could call the vet…..and have not gone back to bed. Until later… Mrs Justa.. alias CIndy