camping and fathers day weekend 2011 046Happy Father’s Day to all you dads.. natural dads, step dad, there to help as a dad-dads.

Today was your day. I hope it was a nice one, you deserve it !

Dad’s Day at our house was really neat. We had a nice time.

I had asked Amanda if she thought she and Jeff and kids could come out on Sunday for a cook out. She needed to check, as they have a zillion things going on, life just goes too fast for our own good sometimes.

Well she was able to check and did find out Sunday late afternoon/early evening was able to coordinate with me.camping and fathers day weekend 2011 042 So than I called Adrianne and asked if she and her hubby and daughter could come out for Father’s Day- as a surprise. She said yes my plan was underway.I figured they would arrive and Mark would look out and be surprised the were there in our driveway,,but it worked out even better.

Mark had gone in to take a nap and  was cutting some serious “zzzzzsss”… so they arrive, I signaled to them that he was sleeping and so they came in real quietly and than I pointed to the bedroom and suggested they go in a wake him up.

He had no idea they were coming, so it was kinda “Sci Fi” looking as Mark opened his eyes and his brain was trying to make sense of why his daughter was standing next to him, as she held her daughter.

camping and fathers day weekend 2011 049A great surprise..and Jeff and Amanda were able to come out so Father’s Day was grandfathers day too !! He not only got to spend time with our kids,,,, but with all our grandkids too. We had plenty of food, laughter and special moments.

AS I listened to them all enjoy one another, and I listened to our kids talking to each other, it reminded me of all the years we had as our kids were growing up. Oh how I have cherished those moments camping and fathers day weekend 2011 045deep in my soul….

being a grandparent is way cool…. being a parent—well to me it was a blessing entrusted in me, that I have done the best I could with the responsibility.

Happy Father’s Day to all… and to my dad…. Man am I thankful you were my dad and sorry we only had 10 years together on earth… I miss you and love you dad !!

Love to all, Mrs Justa.. Alias Cindy