That is me….

Yep.. I did it… (Stephany I was thinking about you as I walked , how you go for goals and achieve them)

This is the annual  Chase Corporate Challenge. They have these signs on the start line for people to go to. The signs indicate the speed each person figures they do a mile in. I figured 15-20 minutes, so I am walking through a crowd of thousands, going to the back of the line… I get towards the back with 6500 of the 7000 people in front of me.. and find the longest time for a mile is 12 minutes. Bummer… my 20 minutes a mile I was proud of just fizzled into a “BIG DEAL” thought in my mind.
So here I stood , amidst a total mob of people , wondering if the heat and humidity escalated by being crunched in around a sea of not so fit bodies, was going to make me sick before I started. Than I am wondering if because I am at the 12 minute a mile mark, if I was going to be in a stampede when the gun gets shot off… needless to say… there was no trampling..and the top picture shows me off and getting ready for the jaunt…

This is my third year. It is a 3.5 mile run or walk ( I am the walk part) and let’s see… the first year..( I was about 55 pounds heavier)  I got 1/2 mile at the most, huffing and puffing all the way…..….

last year about 2 3/4 miles….huffing a little but I did okay….  this year BABY I did it all !! Me and my MP3 player. So I counted songs- and tried to focus on the music and not the walk.

At the gym I have been doing a 20 minute mile, at the corporate challenge I did 3.5 miles in 56 minutes.

I had signed up to walk with a friend..but she ended up canceling her enrollment because of a personal issue. So I was buddiless… but really enjoyed having the music playing.. it kept my mind in happy places instead of thinking about the 85 degree, humid walk down asphalt. I had a cross necklace on, and I kid you not !!!____ there were times I held the cross and prayed for a breeze… and instantly this calming breeze came over us.

They close the Onondaga Lake Parkway and this year 210 companies had employees partake in this corporate challenge. The money earned goes to a local charity. It is really a challenge as each step pounds the hot pavement, but I had new jogging shoes… ( HA don’t cha worry they did not jog !!!) but I guess their support and weight is supposed to be favorable..and My feet did not hurt !!.

SO here I sit… proud of myself really… ( it was funny the winner ran this in 16 minutes…) He was floating through the air as he passed me, and I had not hit the first mile mark yet. I think he was probably home, showered, shaved and snoozing before I got back to the finish line ! But for me.. the ol lady that I am… I feel good.

Next year watch out 16 minute runner… you won’t know what flew by ya !!! ( yeah right !!)

Love to all.. I am off to take a well deserved HOT shower… ( Thank God for hot water heaters, for freedom to run a shower when you want to and for opportunities like tonight. ) Mrs Justa alias Cindy