The drive is worth it.. it really is.

Oh some folks say we live far far away, and some folks live a lot closer to the city, but it takes them longer than it does me to get to work because of the traffic in the suburbs and outskirts of the city.

This weekend I came to rooster and flag 001realize that roosters NEVER stop cockle doodle doodling! Man…

This little guy has a lot to say. He has a buddy that walks around with him , across the way from us, and dang if all day was not cockle doodle doo as I was working on the stuff out front.

We learned too that you can not shoo a rooster out of your yard !. Mark had gone kinda toward the rooster a few weeks back, saying shoo and go on home.. and the rooster kept coming towards him… as if to say.. “ I rule where ever I can be heard”
At lunch today and one day last week I heard some really nasty hollering from a duplex next to work. Last week I thought they were just having a bad day.. today… I am thinking more a bad life !

So it got me to thinking about June 2011 house, garden, sunset 009living in the various places I lived and people arguing from different homes or apartments…and it made me really really appreciate living in the country. I love being able to sit still and hear nothing ! Silence.. and the sounds of a battery operated clock ticking….

Sure it is a trek to work.. but at least I am moving as I am taking the time to get there, and not in stop and go traffic.

And yes we have a big yard, but we have a rider and Mark is able to mow it during the week. He says it really wipes him out… but I can assure you, if I was pushing it every week- I would be beyond wiped out ! That flower garden in the front would probably be my grave !.

jANUARY 22,2011 037And we didMonday 2-8-2011 006 move to the SNOW BELT !!

But winter seems far away right now… and it is a challenge to get in and out of here in the winter… but I still think we like it here! And how I look at it, ya have to have really snowy winters to appreciate spring summer and fall.

It is so nice to not have street lights, to know if we hear a siren something must be really wrong somewhere. That an unusual sound is a plane, and if we hear a helicopter—it is probably “AirOne” and there must be a pretty serious medical reason for them to be hovering .

Yep , I will take this over the alternative of a walk to work and living in the hustle and bustle of the city life…. it is just me…. I am a country girl… playing in dirt, picking weeds, country music, sipping ice tea, …. guess I am a RedNeck !! Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy