Today I met my pen pal. It was really kinda neat.

At work there is a community program where we can volunteer to be a pen pal to a second grader in the Syracuse School District. I offered to be a part of this. The rules were pretty simple, write to them, they write to you. You can not give them gifts or send things like stickers with your letter, just write them letters.

I think all in all we each wrote 3 letters,. There was probably 6 weeks in-between our letters. Some of the folks from work have done this for more than this year and seemed to really enjoy it. I can see why!

When we arrived at the school we had to go to the office and sign in… than we were directed how to find the classroom. As we entered the kids were all sitting at their desks, which had been moved together to create tables with vinyl table cloths on them.

Their eyes opened wide as we told them our first name and they came up to meet us and bring us to a spot next to them. The little guy I had was tall and very thin. He had a want to help everyone, and was helping the teacher to pass out water to everyone and was always looking around to make sure everything was okay.

He asked me about my husband, my son, the dog and cat. He said he liked the letters I had sent and that he had brought them home to show his family. He is a special boy, and it is kinda weird to know now I will never hear from him again…. it was a school project… here for a few months and now over. As I watched the diversity in the classroom, the kids all had smiles worth millions of dollars, yet I knew many had tough lives.

100_6286We brought them a pizza lunch, and cookies for desert. Bottles of water for drinks and grapes. And at the end of our two hrs there the had bags of gifts from our company, and they each made their pen pal a plastic bag holder . They used empty tissue boxes and painted them, and put a few plastic shopping bags in them . It was neat… it was special… it put into perspective that life is not about the things we have, it is about the time we spend with one another.
Life is not about material things.. it is about being with others, and sharing thoughts and words and special moments. I am thankful I participated in this program… 

Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

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