Melancholy moments of6-12911 Oswego NY and sunset at home 010 years gone by. Memories of the way thing were, and how they are now. It is funny how things come and hit me at different times. And to some it may not  make sense, because they may be living in the moments that are only pieces of memories to me.

Earlier today as I set the table for breakfast, I was remembering back long ago, when we each had our kids every other weekend. We set the table for four not two. And there was noise in the the house is quiet. There were sounds of laughter in children.. sounds of little feet pitter patting on the floor, … the sounds are memories, imbedded in my mind, and every once in awhile they surface.

Than later today we had pulled onto our road, and noticed the young couple across the street had a pop-up camper, it is set up and looks pretty nice. I do think it is probably 10 or so years old, but the canvas looks fantastic. The guy was going in and out of it, a drill sound and hammer sound every so often… and another memory came to me… back when Mark and I checked out a used pop up- we had been tent camping with the kids ( who were maybe 6 at the time ) and we had decided tent camping was not for us when a down pour hit and all our air mattresses were floating inside the tents. Clothes wet, ohhhh… that was the night we said no more tents. first camper 001

There was such a joy with that first pop up. The kids loved it, we liked it and we knew it was what we could afford, and it was a way for us to stay drier camping. We loved to go off on a weekend and quite frequently chose a camp site with a pool. swimming at camp 1990 001

The kids loved playing in the water with Mark… we loved camp fires, cooking on wood fires, walking through creeks, swimming in pools, playing Yahtzee by lantern light..  and watching raccoons…memories created, memories making smiles….

  So as I saw this young couple with their new to them camper.. they about to create memories and than the memories came back  to be, and the feeling of being thankful we had found the deal—it was all fresh.

Who knows where the road will lead.. but I like looking in the rear view mirror of life and seeing the images of days gone by, kids playing, reading stories, and knowing that we gave a foundation to them.. so they now are creating foundations for their own kids, for their own marriages. As we have aged, and our kids have grown, we have adapted our life to each year. It happens.. it just happens….

There is so much I am thankful for. God has blessed us with so many days, in so many ways….…It feel good…  Knowing our kids are okay. Knowing they each have family life they are happy with. Knowing we really do not need to worry about either of them . Life goes on, people grow up, than people grow old. And fortunately I feel content with choices made and paths taken.

I hope you have  some of  life’s memories that are good for  you too….

Love Mrs Justa… alias Cindy