Well we made it through camping trip number one. Not bad for a couple old fogies. Indi survived the entire time there too, which was a blessing, because the thought of having to have to put him in the kennel any time we camp is pretty expensive.

What we learned…

Number one …. camping indi 001

Indi was pretty bored by the end of the weekend. No where to really play ball, and trying to figure out why we were doing what we were doing. He just hung out… and watched… got himself pretty exhausted pondering. He did go on more walks than he goes on at home. But there is a “dog walk” area, so we had to head down to it a few times each day. HA – it was funny as soon as we got home and he was off his leash at our front entrance way.. he ran around the house like a mad man… stretching his legs, picking up his tennis ball and dropping it, running in circles… He was glad to be home !!!

camping trip number one 6-3-2011 022Number 2

Camping next to an older Winnebago with horns on the front of it and REDNECK  is a pretty good indication that there may be some original Jonny Cash, Hank Williams and Tex Ritter playing… It was definitely a trip back in time of country music…

HA.., zoomed in it looks like he has a tree mounted on the camper too.. but he did not…and    Yes there are a bunch of stuffed animals across the dash…

They were very down to earth people, they asked if we minded the music, we said no… heck what are ya gonna say??? He was a nice guy… We had a couple of our friends come out for dinner … we thought our friends were gonna start square dancing though..our friends are very good friends.. they really do not like dogs, camping or country music ..so I think they might have no intention of going and buying themselves a camper. Are friends we saying they were gonna look for a DVD with camping scary movies..where stuffed animals come alive… kinda like those scary movies with Chuckie…

Number 3….camping trip number one 6-3-2011 009

We are very very glad we bought the Kehrig coffee maker.. that made a huge difference.

We could brew just one cup of coffee instead of a pot, and make what we preferred instead of compromising for one kind or another.

Number 4….

camping trip number one 6-3-2011 021

Starting up is expensive,we had a lot of start up costs.. septic stuff, things to organize,. water drinking hose, tow hitch, weight distribution bars, sway bars… it has been a lot of getting ready.. but I really think we are in pretty good shape now….we were careful not to charge and have been looking for best prices and pay as we go… ..there is one area that I would not recommend looking for best prices….pay the extra money for the locking sewer pipes…and the little feet that hold it up … it really helps make the gray/black water adventure much more pleasant… Also.. using the public facilities for the denser waste.. if ya know what I mean…. makes the black water better too !!! And we got this neat little gizmo that you hook to the one end of the septic pipe when you are through and you can flush the inside of the pipe out…

All I gotta say is stock prices are gonna drop at Walmarts now that we pretty much have everything we need. ( And THANK GOD for Walmart—there prices are much better than the camping stores for RV stuff!!)

But that getting up in the wee hours of the morning to pee- ahh that was nice walking to the bathroom in the trailer and not trecking it to the public bathroom hoping all the way there that you woke up in time… Mark did take a shower in the camper last night and said it was NNNIIICCEEE>>>> me.. I did an early morning one at the facilities for the camp grounds.

So all in all… we survived journey one.. and in a few weeks we will head out again. We have stuff to do around here though first…

In the end .. I was reminded … A camper is a Happy camper..

                                                           Waking up outside.. fresh air … in a campsite is relaxing

                                                            Smelling like wood burning campfires is wonderful….


             Life is too short to not enjoy life….
Love to all.. Happy Camper.. alias Mrs Justa alias Cindy