Pets are dependent on their owners. It is a bummer when pets do not feel well.

camping and fathers day weekend 2011 017Our little Indi is really under the weather today. He has been not the ol’ active dog he normally is.  The power had gone off yesterday after a big storm…., it was super hot and humid day, with NO wind.. so we were not sure if he was just super warm.

The electric came back on after a few hrs… but Indi still was not acting any better.

Maybe after a good nights sleep he will be better…. But alas… at 3:05 this morning , when Mark and I blame Indi for waking us up to pee… we got up to pee..but Indi just lay there in the bed.  ( Ha now we know it is not Indi’s fault we get up at 3:30 each morning !… It is just aging process….       Kinda like when someone farts and blames the dog … LMAO)

So here I am at 4::43 this morning… waiting for 7:am so we can call the vet and get Indi into be seen.

Poor little guy… dang I hate when he feels sick. He is prone to pancreatitis, he has epilepsy, and is the cutest little guy- so good with kids and full of vip and vinegar most of the time. Here is lies- next to my office chair… tail not wagging… uggg… I am leery to pet his side or abdomen because if it is a flare up of his pancreatitis and we touch the sore area, he think we are hurting him intentionally, like he is being punished or green house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 009something. His head drops, he yelps in pain… So we are not palpating his abdomen.

We can tell he is not himself and have gone through a battery of questions in our minds… did he eat anything he should not have??? Not that we can think of… Was he anywhere where there could have been chemicals…? Nope… When was the last time he wanted to ply ball.. ( He lives for ball) About 2 days ago…. Is he eating drinking.. yes somewhat….Are his eyes “happy puppy eyes” … nope….. Does he come when you call his name??? .Nope- just maybe will raise his head, but needs major persuasion to move….

UGGG<<camping and fathers day weekend 2011 023 pets bring such joy…

pets are so unconditional in their affection….. and it is so tough when they are not okay….SO we will see what the vet says…. more to follow… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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