camping trip number one 6-3-2011 023

Indi the camping dog.. we thought he did pretty good…we got home Sunday at 11:00—he was definitely glad to be home- but he seemed to have adjusted well……..but starting at 5:45 AM Monday and going through 8:15 this morning , he has had 4 grand mal seizures.
The fourth one was worse than the third one which was worse than the second and which was worse than the first. AND the first was pretty bad !. Ugg… he is on phenobarbital, yet maybe he just was not able to tolerate the excitement or stress from camping..… OR maybe he got into some sort of pesticide or insecticide or lawn is hard to tell. Chemicals will cause seizures in dogs too. I do not know if any of the places we walked him might have had chemicals on it.

Following seizure 4- he ended up going to the vet for the day. Lots of blood work, observation, they had to give him valium to calm him down because he was pretty anxious being at the vet… and now he is home. Another medication to be added to his phenobarbital and we will see. It is awful to watch him go through seizures… ugggg.

He is a lovable dog, he loves to cuddle, loves to play ball, and loves each moment he is with people. We are hoping he pulls through this.. but only time will tell.

We will take him camping,camping trip number one 6-3-2011 014


we will still watch over him…


we will pray he has control of his seizures.

Pets are nice… but it is awful when they get sick or have problems like this.

So I am off to get ready to call it a night, I really hope he makes it through the night without another seizure. Fingers crossed…..

love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy