Okay, I gotta tell ya, there is nothing more disconcerting than to be driving along , minding your own business and all of the sudden have your car start setting off an alarm and flashing “power steering failure..warning warning”

A couple of weeks it happened when Mark was driving, so as he was holding tight to the wheel as it went from power to manual , I read the book. Sounded pretty simple, pull over at the next safe area, shut the car off, restart and it will be okay. Damn..I wish all car repairs were that easy. So we did that, and poof.. fixed.

The next week mark had taken the car for an oil change and asked the service guys about it……but  because it happened once and was “ fixed” , there was really nothing showing as the problem… so off he went to drive home.

WELLLL… this car has a weird power steering set up.. not like the old cars I have had… there is not power steering fluid- it is an electric power steering. I guess, no fluid, … electric. So by shutting it off, it resets. In the past 6 days..it has failed 6 times. The latest this morning. It was a FULL MOON morning!

Going back to the beginning of my morning..sigh……………..First I hooked Indi up to his Indi and his new hair cut 5-31-2011 00130 foot lead which is screwed into the ground on one of those anchors type lead holders… , and let him out at about 5:45. As I was getting the cat and dogs food ready, I glimpsed out the back door and saw Indi- hooked to his lead..sniffing around the back steps frantically- like he picked up the scent of a squirrel. It hits me that he is about 50 feet away from the post in the ground…on a 30 foot lead.. So in my oversized tee shirt I peek out the side door. and low and behold the 30 foot end of his lead was laying in the ground..about 20 feet from where it is supposed to be hooked to. So—NO TIME FOR PANTS!!!- out I go barefoot, calmly…in the wet cool grass, barelegged in a miniskirt height tee shirt… Indi oblivious to the fact HE IS FREE ..still sniffing back and forth around those stairs. I bend down , grab his broken off lead and than talk to the dog like I would if he was hooked up..telling him to come on in for dinner… All I can say is “Thanks God!” for Indi could have disappeared with his 30 foot lead following. ( Yes we replaced his lead with a more durable sturdier one !)

Than I am off to work, traveling down a country main road- poor shoulders , practicing songs for soloing in church, and this one song had extra bells in it… WRONG !!! It was the warning chimes telling me the idiot light was on and the steering was becoming very stiff. I did pull over in a mile or so, when it was safe.. turned the car off and counted to 20. Poof- working again. I called the dealer and asked how frequent was frequent enough to diagnose—they said bring it over. So there it is..I got to and from work via their shuttle service… that is always a different experience Smile and after work the car was still being worked on- so they gave me a work order for Enterprise Rental- for a car. Well Enterprise said they had ONE car left….  I have this wanna be car for a loaner- it is a Chevy Aveo. I am not complaining- they did not have to give me a car… but they did. It feels like I am driving a soup can, crank windows, manual push each button down locks the lug nuts look like cheap plastic covers- less quality than tupperware!

I am going to be glad to get back into my car- hopefully tomorrow.  They said they found error messages after working with a Ford Tech representative for the region.  So fingers crossed…. I am going to carefully drive the soup can on wheels tomorrow and graciously return it to the rental car agency. Be careful out the.. FULL MOON at its best !.

Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy.