Monday was our anniversary and I had initially wanted to take the whole week off, maybe we would go away, but some things have happened recently and this was just not a great time. So I kept Monday off, but have gone back to work for the rest of this week. So on Monday I had a goal- to have a nice dinner with my husband and to change the window treatments, Both goals met. I made curtains for 3 rooms and hemmed these drapes for the living room. We got these at Wally World- they were 84” long, so I needed to cut off about 9 inches. I think they look pretty good, and they really will darken the room.

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This is what the living room looked like before.

We like the drapes and the affect they have, and if we want the room dark, we can just have the curtains hang straight and it will really keep the light out.

I also did some for Brandon’s room slash the spare bedroom. I was going to look for disney type characters, but then thought that adults may be using the room too, so I went with this really neat material that is dark and royal blue with lightening flashes on it. 100_3465_edited

These also will darken the room pretty well , so I am pleased with how they came out. Mark likes the changes too.

It was fun, life seems so busy, this was good therapy for me, good relaxation, and really I felt like I had accomplished a lot.

I will also show the bedroom and side door, my last to projects for the day of sewing.

A day well spent.

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I hope you do something that can take the chaos of the world away for a little while too.

Love, Mrs justa