13 years ago  we were at the Fireside Inn in Baldwinsville saying our vows to each other.

The ceremony was officiated by Judge Winkworth, he did a rose ceremony.

it was quite nice. And the rose part is that the rose symbolizes our love for one another, and if we should ever need to apologize or just say I love you, a rose will always be that symbol.

I laughed one year when Jeff and Mark went out and bought 3 huge rose bushes, I guess they were figuring they covered times gone by and times not yet happened.

Jeff and my sister Melanie were our witnesses who signed our license. We had about 36 people there, it was a dinner and DJ and the second floor was reserved for us for the night. Open bar for 2 1/2 hrs, then we closed it. It was a comfortable and relaxing, fun and exciting night.

Poor Jeff came down with poison Ivy so bad Mark had to take him to the docs while I was getting my hair done. He was pretty uncomfortable in the tux, but he smiled his way thru it.

We took Jeff on the honeymoon with us, we figured he was a very integral part of the marriage as he had lived thru 10 years of our relationship. We rented a place in Lancaster Pa, it was in Amish country, it had been a pool house, imagechanged to a efficiency room for rent, with  a large pool , sauna, Jacuzzi. The weather was not terrific, but Jeff got to use the pool.  We all tried the Jacuzzi and the guys did the sauna.

It was a nice place, we had memories made there, laughs, talks, coolness in the air, fog, hot air balloons in the distance, and us. Oh yeah.,.. And a woman who owned the property who came and checked on us.

It was strange, up until that day thirteen years ago, Mark was my boyfriend, then fiance, the marriage seemed to bring us together as a couple. It was sealing a commitment we had made in 1986.

Jeff referred to him as his dad when speaking of him or introducing him,  and called him Mark. Mark always told Jeff he would be there for him, and not ever try to replace his dad, just be there for him. They understand each other, like father and son, the years have been good for them, I believe.

We have had good times and not so good times, yet through it all we have survived. We are stronger for it in many ways, and I often wonder where we will be in another 13 years. Brandon and Mackenzie will be teenagers then, Jeff and Adrianne will be 40.

And we, whoa !!! we will be 68- it will come so quickly that we won’t realize the time gone by, just all of the sudden, it will be here. Life has been tough, and at the same time good, difficult relationships in our families at times, and the struggles of having children from other marriages and the trials that challenge can bring sometimes.

But here we are, 2009, Mark and  I, Jeff and Amanda , Josh and Adrianne, and 2 blessings

of grandchildren. We made it this far, we will make it further. Happy Anniversary Mark, Love to all, Cindy