We went on a very mini vacation, what a nice night, coolish breeze off the water, sky crystal clear, you could see forever. Now pretend it is the ocean and this is Jamaica- ahhhh

The shore seemed to be to ourselves, but there were others around. But at this moment it was Jamaica, looking off our cabana at the ocean, sea gulls squawking in the distance… ( do they have sea gulls in Jamaica?) well they were in this vision of Jamaica last evening… along with sparrows. 100_3478

Sailboats listing in the breeze, seeming to float effortlessly along the horizon, the peacefulness of waves slapping on the against the shore, the water a crystal blue… was this Jamaica… no my dear friends this was on the pavilion at Rudy’s in Oswego NY.

The closest I will get to Jamaica probably in my life, it is nice up in Oswego in the Spring Summer and early Fall. In the other months hang on to your hats and britches, cuz the wind cuts thru you like a hot knife in butter. But instead of heat it is bitter cold. They say ( whoever they are) that at one point on the campus of Oswego State University, there were ropes out to hold onto when walking between buildings to get to classes and dorms. . I could believe it… but not last night I could not.

Rudy’s was nothing great,  ( sorry Rudy)

I think the ambiance of it being on the lake is a selling point, food though kinda greasy, my hamburger was just a frozen thin patty cooked on a grill, I thought expensive but it was a nice evening. We went up with Shawn and Pat, and being with them is fun.

Did any of you see any of the meteorites last evening. We sat out on the park bench in our front yard and watched for a bit around midnight. it was cool, I guess it got wild at 4AM, but so did the fog… so I am glad we went out when we did.

I am off now, go do a load of laundry , wrap gifts for the baby shower for little Mackenzie and the first birthday gifts for Brandon. Shower this weekend, birthday party next. Oh I just love having grand kids. ! Love to all, Mrs Justa grandama