Mackenzie, Mackenzie you have such a personality showing in these photos and you are such a little peanut.  I think your mom and dad better get lots of rest as you grow in the NICU unit, cuz I have a funny feeling you are gonna have a lot of fun with them once you are home.

In this first shot it looks like you are trying to patiently await discharge from the hospital. Planning your trip home.

Your mom told me about the kangaroo hold that your dad is doing in this photo. At least I think that was what she said. You look so content.




And in this final photo I got off facebook-

you are showing that just because you a tiny, doesn’t mean all the different stages won’t happen as they are supposed to. You are now able to use the pacifier and even have every other feeding by bottle.

Wow, time heals all wounds and grows tiny babies into strong infants.

You keep eating, stretching, and growing oh little one, cuz you have lots of friends and family who just can’t wait to hold you !. How can anyone look at these photos and not see the blessings of a baby and the miracle of life we are blessed with from God.

This post is for you tonight oh little one. Love grandama justa… ( and grandpa too)