We need to give children a chance to try things, to try things that are safe for them, to give a little so they can experience different adventures.

This is my nephew, he was about 4 when this photo was taken. We were paying softball at the family reunion.

Now bear in mind there is no age limit, no expectations of talent, it is just for fun. We had some on the teams that were very good at softball, and some that were toddling between bases. In reality , someone could have gotten this little guy out, but instead we fumbled with the ball and let him trot to first base, greeted by cheers and a high five from his cousin.

We need to protect our kids, yet not smother them. Give them enough space to try yet not enough to get into trouble.

It is a very fine line really, we do not want to become their friends and not be authoritative when needed… yet we do not want to be so strict that as soon as they can they go totally wild.

Life can smother people or life can be lived. I wish each of you take the time to live life, to feel the ability to breathe, to not smother others, but to be there as a pillar, watching out, and when needed stepping into the forefront to guide those who need it . I wish all a great day tomorrow, Love, Mrs Justa