I almost did  a Hillary today at Joanne Fabrics. Man the guy behind the counter pissed me off.

I saw this photo on google images, and this is how I felt ! Thanks Google….

Yeah,  it was 92 degrees today feeling like 100+ with heavy humidity.  The kinda day you feel sweat droplets running down the curve of  your back. So it is the kind of day that makes me easier to annoy.

But even if it had not been so dang humid, the guy still irritated me!

I had the material that I had chosen for our den curtains. I asked him  for four yards- and to please cut it at 2 yards and again at 2 yards.

He hemmed , looked at me with almost displease, and said  “We don’t do that? But since it is not busy we will do it for you today. “ 

….I reflected on my material purchasing at Walmart a few weeks ago. I asked the women if she could cut it at 2 yards and again at 2 yards… sure no problem.

So I asked this rather arrogant, wanna be powerful person..”Why would you not do that?”  He said  “it is custom cutting “

So I said to him… “What if instead of getting 4 yards off of one type, what if I wanted 2 yards from this material and 2 yards from another ..” He said “Naturally we would cut it.”

So I asked “What is the difference?”  (Today will be one less bundle of fabric they have to put back on the shelves) 

He looked at me and said “ Because 2 cuts from the same material is “CUSTOM CUTTING”  GRRRRRRRRRR  I thought about having him cut 2 yards, taking the material back and coming back to the counter for the next 2 yards to be cut. I wanted to grab the scissors and do a jintzo knife master move in front of him. Ya know one of the ying, yang fast arm moving tricks. Instead I took the 2 pieces of material and followed instructions to the register.  Then I am told the material is 7.99 a yard  GRRRR it was where the rest were 4.99 a yard.. The lady at the register said “Would you like to be on our mailing list?””   Bet cha know what I said…. GRRRRRRRR What happened to customer service— oh one who thinks he is all that and more???  Yep, I almost pulled a Hillary on ya… you are one lucky sucker. Cindy