Sun Sets. There are none that are alike. I find wonder in the setting sun. It is almost like a reward for me, I made it through another day. You do not need money to see the sunset, nor a car, or a huge home. We have a gift of sunsets every day.

I find days seem to fly by, which means I feel like I am getting to see more sunsets. I just get one set in the back of my memory bank and poof there is another one.

I love this time of night- the sun set shares so many colors in the sky and at the same time it causes the world around me to be a silhouette. The prettiest things and ugliest things now come together and are just shapes, shadows, black and white. A tree, an object, a person in the distance, all become black silhouettes. The imperfections are gone. You can have a stained  picnic table next to one in good shape, but at this time of night they are just picnic tables. Trees, cars, houses, people- everything becomes equal in the world of black shapes.

And all day the sky is blue or gray, and clouds are puffy white or whisping white, but once the sun sets the colors are brilliant, changing as the sun disappears.

Yes I love sunset time… brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 093 it is a time to reflect on the day, to slow down a little, to appreciate my family, to stop the whirlwind of work.

It is a time to be home, to stop.

And in my mind it is a time to look forward to bed… I love going to bed, I bust my ever loving butt all day long, and I treasure the 5 hrs in my bed.

No chaos, no worries, the sunset is the red carpet path

way  to my pillow .

Enjoy the sunsets wherever you are, they each will be different, they each can bring you a live oil painting that transforms before your eyes, if you let it. To me, it is Gods way of painting a treasure as my days settle down. Our own live photoframe—ever changing. Peace to all, Love Cindy