I think back to times gone by quite frequently, and I wonder if I do that because in reality I have more years behind me then I have in front of me. I was born in 1953, think about that, I have a hard time imaging the math is true. How many sunrises have I seen??

Mark and I have been a couple for 24 years.

24 years!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thought that I have been with the same person for longer then some of the people I work with have lived is surreal.  Others I work with were probably not even potty trained yet.

24 years… and soon our anniversary will be here and we will have been married for 13 of those 24 years.

Our kids were 3 1/2 when we met- now our kids are married with children of their own.

We have been together for almost 1/2 our lives.  We have lived in 7 different places, owned Maybe 13 different cars, and 2 tractor trailers, have had financial and emotional challenges, have had to deal with the challenges of each having x’s, doing the kid every other weekend thing, have had the opportunity to raise 2 really good kids, we have made good and not so good choices, and between the two of us had dealt with 15 different surgeries or hospital stays. We have shared losses and gains and thru it all we are still together. I do believe we a good friends, and I think our life has really been blessed.

100_3199_edited We are not the suburban couple with tons of friends and parties all the time, we are both home bodies, we love our family, and the friends we have are good friends, real people, who also like to be home. Our kids are really great, and their families are wonderful.

I look at photos of us and it is not how I feel. But we are what we are. Inside I feel younger, I feel like I am 40 maybe, but the real truth is I am not. Marks dark thick hair is graying, and my hair is thinner then it used to bee. I have swatches of gray, but not total gray yet.  We have GRANDCHILDREN>>> imagine that, GRANDMA and GRANDPA.. I still can not get used to that. We have wrinkles and our skin is more frail, we wobble, and ache at times, we are always challenging ourselves to make the 11:00 news.

The future is there, it holds secrets unknown to either of us, and it goes on for an undetermined amount of time. My goal , my wish is to live thru my 90s, but will I, I have not a clue. ( Heck the house will be paid for when we are 84,, it would be nice to have 6 or 7 years without a house payment! )  I do crosswords, and word searches, and read articles, some books, I listen to music, I research every day, and  I still can sing , all trying to keep my mind fresh. I try to walk at lunch a few days a week, today I took a walk after work. I need to lose more weight, it is hard, I will do it. I know I will.

I need to stay active, stay moving, stay young at heart and mind. I will not invite the age to get me, it will have to go elsewhere. Hang on Markie- ol boy… we have another 30 years or so left together.>>>> HAPPY ALMOST ANNIVERSARY >>>I love you.. ya ol fart !

Bless you all, Cindy