We are all different. We look different, everything has a characteristic that is unique to each of us.

What is special about you? Or what makes you different from someone else.

Our pets are different, our planets are different. Two of us can have identical size yards, identical homes, yet when we move in or landscape, we each have our own special touch that makes it different.

Even when something is made to be identical, once we as people own it, it is unique to us.

I had gone by our old house the other day, and it always was a certain way when we owned it. We had a dining room, living room den and 2 bedrooms. Now it looks like the living room and dining room are being combined as a large room for TV and stuff. The office is now a bedroom. Who knows how the house looks, the colors or the furniture, the baby blue carpet- I wonder how good it looks, nothing stays the same.

We have a garden we planted certain plants, and when i drive by other folks gardens, same plants- the gardens look different. Our sunflowers are about 8 feet tall, others that were planted when we planted our are already with flowers in full bloom, but only stand 5 feet tall.

Our house… I was looking at photos of it as a model home- it looks different the way we have the stuff in it. 100_2703

I have a bunch of the same plants planted- yet the flowers all look different, different characteristics.

My brothers and sisters, we have the same parents but we are more different then the same. We look similar in some ways and way different in other ways. Maybe our noses resemble each other, we all have blue eyes, but after that, there are more differences then similarities. Yes life is strange, we need to accepts people’s differences and focus on their good qualities. We need to remember not to judge, for I have found if I have been judgement of others, I end up with their problems, their unusual situations. God definitely has a sense of humor and a way to teach me not to judge others. May you find patience with accepting the things you can not change, and changing the things you can. May you appreciate things for how they are. Love to all, Cindy