100_3497_editedMark and I  took off at 11:10 to head West to Rochester, It was Adrianne’s baby shower for Miss Mackenzie. I was excited to go and a little apprehensive, because I do not know a lot of people that Adrianne and her mom know, but I also think I am a friendly sort, and I was going for Adrianne and for her mom Dianne. I was looking forward to seeing her various friends and the gifts she got, if she liked the things we had brought, the weather was perfect.

As we were going out there I was thinking to myself how unusual life is. 100_3481 We grow up, and everything we do in life we are weaving a web. Some get married, some have kids, and some of those who get married and have kids end up having issues and get divorced. Then some of those divorced re marry..and we become entwined in a life of challenges at time, with children that we each had from previous marriages, trying to maintain relationships with kids as they travel back and forth between parents.

I found myself wanting to be a second mom to Adrianne, but never wanting to impose on her relationship with her mom. And I have worked hard to let her know over these past 23 years that I am here for her , if she ever needs it.

She has grown up to be a strong incredible person, who has gone thru a few “life sucks” events in her life. Today was a day for her, at her moms home, a shower for her new baby, as her baby becomes stronger in a NICU  , Adrianne arrived at the shower after being up at the NICU unit with her sister-in-law, many friends and family arrived, gifts wrapped in various patterns of pink. We played a game or 2, and a all of the sudden Adrianne did not feel quite right. She ended up with shivering, chills and a fever, she had to lay down, my heart felt so bad for her, as she knew people were there, anticipating her opening her gifts, and she could not partake in the shower any longer.

The shower goers, we all understood, we felt terrible for Adrianne, and as she lay there shivering, she is apologizing to the shower goers. And we all were just worried about her. Everyone left, I sat by her side in her moms bedroom, and she,  her mom and I ended up being together, in this room, chatting, trying to find humor in anything we could, getting Adrianne anything we could, … Mark and I had gone out together- he helped me carry gifts in and he left- knew to be back around 5. So we sat there, I tried to get Mark a few times, but he had gone to a movie to kill time and take in some AC. After the movie ended, he called me, he had seen he had missed a call or 2 from me… he came over and off we went- back East to home. 

We pulled in the driveway and found 100_3498_editedour sunflowers had opened up… and in a very strange way… it was like a message.. that we all grow up, get thru challenges and open up to others. Just an hour or so before, I left Dianne’s home, after sharing 1+hrs with her and Adrianne, in Dianne’s bedroom, all enjoying each others company. Peaceful joking, chatting,  we sat there.. her mom and me.. (her step mom)…mutually concerned about Adrianne’s temp and well-being,  2 moms  … I did not get to see her open her gifts… but I am sure she will like them… yet in the end… I think this was much more memorable. Yes I am sure of it. I hope you feel better Adrianne- 

With much love, Your Step-Mom… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy