I found the other day on my way out the door about 7 new webs. All made in different places, all made over night, while we were sleeping.

I was totally amazed how quickly the spiders worked to make them.

I had watched a very small spider outside the bedroom window working in a web one day, it was unbelievable how the spider was bonging back and forth, at times looking like it was bungie jumping, lacing the web. I watched it for a while and was mesmerized.

No crochet pattern the spider was following, no hooks or needles, just creating this material and spinning it’s web.


When I saw this particular web it was like seeing strings of pearls as the water droplets clung to each thread of web. Don’t you find it amazing that this little tiny being, ( yes spiders are gross… but get beyond that and think about it) that they could create something so dainty, unique and so quickly.

If a human was asked to single-handedly build OVERNIGHT something as massive as this is,the same proportion that the size of this web is to that spider who made it, I do not know one person who could do that.  And without any tools, new gadgets, nothing… just what God given blessings you have.  


How can you not look at something like this and not stop and appreciate the wonders of life.  Things like this make me stop, take a moment, my life gets so crazy, that I have to remember to look close, not just far away… it was weird, because later that morning Mark went back out in front and every one of these webs were gone, poof. Had I just hustled my self to the car, had I not consciously told myself to look, I would have missed this.

What did you miss today? In your life, around you… what did you miss?? It is a wonderful world out there, you just gotta take a few extra moments to see it. Love to all, Mrs Justa…