Tiny little body, tiny little hands,

premmie clothes too big for her, she weighed less then the egg plant I cooked tonight! Miss Mackenzie came home from her 4 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on Friday. We went out today to meet her out of the incubator world she had known for these past 4 weeks.

I gotta tell ya, you have to remind yourself you are holding her, she is so small. You could hold her all day and not have an arm cramp, heck I bet my winter coat weighs more then she does right now. 100_3633What totally amazed me was the china doll like hands she has, so tiny, but fingers so long, so frail looking , but a really strong grip.

We were glad we got to go. We were worried transportation wise , as my car the 2007 Nissan, decided to not want to start with the push button. It is not that the battery is dead in the car- it is more like some problem with the car acknowledging we were pushing the start button. It is a nice feature not to need a key to start the car…. until the system does not work… Then it is not so great. So once we pushed the button about 10 times and it finally indicated it was running, we drove it to the dealers to get looked at in the morning.

Plan B was to take the 1997 Intrepid. On the way home from the dealer we went on a country road that is not a smoothly paved as a regular highway, and the car started to make a weird knocking sound. Not loud, kinda like a thud. Once we got onto better paved roads it did get quiet again, so we ventured off 1 1/2 hrs away to meet our grand daughter..Mackenzie.. in her home. We visited Adrianne and Mackenzie for a few hrs then headed back North east to home. I am kinda tired tonight. After Brandon’s big birthday party yesterday and traveling today, plus doing the regular weekend stuff around here, and I need to get to work tomorrow… it is like the weekend left before it started. All was fun.. but I am whipped now.

We only saw Mackenzie sleep, and then one time she……………………….100_3652






you precious one.

How can ya not believe in Miracles, in gifts from God…

This is what life is about………………….

Good night to all,  Love Mrs Justa…