I heard this joke this morning… hee hee, I am still chuckling.

This man and his wife go out fishing in an  inlet from the ocean. 100_3477 They were having a great time , when his wife stood up and fell out of the boat. The husband totally freaked out, diving for her, but to no avail. He sadly went back to shore and called for help.

The rescue divers came and after unsuccessful attempts for hours, they told him to go home and they would let him know is they find her.

The next morning there was a knock at this mans door, and one of the rescue folks said

“ Sir, I have good new and great news.”

The man said what is the good news…. ???

The rescue worker said “We found your wife, and when we pulled her up , she had 4 lobsters attached to her!”

The man said  “ If that is good news , what is the great news???!!!”

The rescue worker said

“ We will pull her up again tonight and see how many lobsters we get tonight. “

……………….. I thought it was so funny… I don’t know why… it is kinda sick !.

Then I ran across this a month ago… 100_3380

Now I know there are issues with the economy, and I understand that motorcycles do save a lot in mile per gallon, but I never thought about a person purchasing a motorcycle in sizes. I figured everyone looked the same on a motorcycle… that was till we came across this dude.

How comfortable can this be??? The crotch seam on his blue jeans must be really stressed! He was hunched down to reach the handle bars, and he is so tall his knees are almost touching his elbows. Now maybe he is in his 20s and more flexible then folks like me in my 50s, but I can tell ya, if I rode anything in this position, legs spread till the material won’t let you spread any further, back hunched, neck forward… I gotta tell ya, I would not be able to get my feet down at the next stop. I would fall over ! My body would be so cramped.

He is just asking for a bee to sting his thighs, maybe get his knees caught by a passing car or truck… I just thought it was so funny. This man needs a Harley… big road hog…

And for one final thought for the day…. ( I heard the traffic reporter say this to one of the Disc jockies a while back )…. The DJ was going shopping for something to wear at the CMA’s…. the  traffic chick said… “as you are shopping for clothes remember… just because they make it in your size does not mean you should wear it. “    

                           Love to all, Mrs justa.