I just got done making Rice Krispy treats for a retirement party tomorrow. I forgot how sticky they were… but alas – they are cooling in the fridge—than it is the cutting through them.. If I remember correctly they get pretty hard.

HMMM>.. sometimes the thought is much nicer than the task. But it will be a nice treat for them.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 094The snow is in the weather forecast, slushy roads a possibility tomorrow, and here I sit trying to convince myself I do not care about the snow coming, but I do.

It is very hard to drive in the deep white stuff at times, it is really pretty once home and safe- to watch it out the window, it is really  tiring to clear the snow for 4 months or more. And yet—it is life as I know it. Life is full of challenges, if I lived somewhere where it never snowed, never changed colors , well I think life would be boring , in a way. Living somewhere with high humidity and HOT temps—naw… not so much.. So this is an okay place to be.

There is a saying that I think of…
There’s No Place Like Home”

Someone asked me where is the best place to live… and after I hemmed and hawed… I had to say.. here is wonderful. Other places are nice to visit, and than give us somewhere to look forward to. We are already talking about returning to OBX next year, oh my goodness, that was so awesome. But to live there year round… hmmm I am not a fan of hurricanes..and where we were—the roads were totally washed out…SO hopefully they will be back to normal by next spring… and we can visit again.

How about the south.. nope— not full time….100_2595 maybe a short stent…. the bugs grow bigger there, too hot…. need AC …. sweat…. hurricanes and tornados….

I am tempted to be a snow bird in another 20 years..but by then I will probably not be up for the trip. So I am snowbirding it in my mind… and facing the fact the snow will come, snow will go….and spring will be here in no time !. I guess for me, I feel lucky enough to love where I live, to realize that each season comes and goes, and with it brings challenges and special moments…and that some of the challenges are hard to anticipate—but once here—they are what they are…and than they go….

Enjoy the weather..whatever it may be… I am off to chisel the rice krispie treats out of the pan, and settle down for the night. I hope this finds you in good health, in good spirits. Love to all, Cindy Alias Mrs Justa.