Tonight is a night that I remember how insignificant we are in the whole scope of things.  The wind is whipping against the house, a little while ago the wind gusted so strong it set off the car alarm. We can hear the rain hitting against the windows, and very very thankful it is just above the temp for snow!

There is a prediction of snow , and I hope it waits for the wind to die down, or we may be finding drifts of 4 feet !.

Man… have you ever been stuck walking in really strong wind. I do remember once as a little squirt, I decided to take my umbrella out in a windy rain storm… and it looked like this in a few seconds after I got our the front door.

The lights are flickering on and off and the scanner is just inundated with tree down calls and sparking at electric poles.

Uggg… not an optimistic way to end the evening.

I had a rather involved report to do for work, and came in to the office and did it as quickly as possible, got it sent off… phew.

I wanted to pop on and get my post done before the cable goes out. We fortunately have all underground elec and cable… but somewhere down the road… they have to surface at some point…and THAT is when there are problems with wires getting whacked by trees and branches.

There was a call about a BIG tree totally across a road in Phoenix. The caller stated they were a volunteer fireman, and that someone was going to kill themselves hitting it, unless it gets cleared up lickety split.

Can you imagine driving at night, in the rain, that weird glare on the windshield and not realizing you are about to hit a humungous tree across the road. Dang… that stretch of road is 55 mph… oh I hope they get people there quickly to set up detours, warnings and save some poor soul form a terrible accident.

Yes this wind , the rain… it makes me realize that in a blink of an eye…. our insignificant selves… ( in the whole scope of the universe) can get blown all over the place.

Hang on … be good, and be safe… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy