6-1 2012 East Coast resort 048The full moon has been at it’s best this week.. Man oh man. The strangest things seem to happen. This afternoon we were heading home from a quick errand, windows and sun roof open, the sound of the wind whishing all over the place..all of the sudden I am feeling a burning sensation  in my arm..I mean a super whammy burning..I look down and  yellow jacket had come into the car and was stinging my arm. It took a minute for my brain to get beyond the “Hey dummy..your arm is hurting” to “YIKES there is a bee stinging you!” I made some sort of unusual prehistoric type noise, kinda of a growl, started shaking my arm out the window… the bee left… but not without his signature… Dang that hurts…

We went camping this weekend.. 6-1 2012 East Coast resort 001man did it rain Friday night. Wind, rain, 49 degrees… THANK GOD we have a bathroom in the camper…I remember camping with pup tents and air mattresses, and if you had to pee—you would have to slow the mattress down from floating in the water that seeped into the tent… somehow get from floating to standing without have the water soak your sleeping bag… and than waddle and shuffle to the bathroom… DO NOT MISS THOSE DAYS!!!..

As we were setting up—we were talking about the hot water heater plug, the one the repair guy had forgot to put in when he dewinterized the camper… -and wondering if it was leaking… we bought tools to tighten it… hmmmm tools???? where the heck are the tools?????    so that led to us looking kinda dumbfounded over where these tools were… So.this whole weekend… we have been pondering  over what the heck we did with the very small tool bag and few tools we bought after our last camping adventure. Each of us was looking at the other , under our breaths saying “What did YOU do with it..” I remember we were together for buying the tools and bag, I remembered Mark staying in the car and putting the tools in the bag when I went in and  got a few groceries a couple weeks ago.. … but that is all I remembered.. Now for Mark..I think he was remembering me doing something with it.. I just kinda got that feeling from his quick glances to me. Heck I was already from the super sleuth mode to “someone must have stole it” . But instead  I started having my one on one with St Anthony..asking please for some assistance AGAIN..and for one of us to come across it… we joked about maybe it was in the pick up truck..nope… how about my car…. nope..than Mark opened the shed—we looked /.nope….. than we looked in the side compartment of the camper…NOPE…. he opens his trunk..and there it is.

 6-1 2012 East Coast resort 044Saturday I had sewing to do, I was making some gifts for someone, and figured if it is gonna be raining –why not sew at camp. So during the afternoon, Mark read some, took a nap and listened to the Yankees game… I cut material, pinned stuff together and sewed away… Than it got drier, and we were able to enjoy the campfire that night. … YES!!

It was a nice hot fire… S’mores highlighted the evening…

AHHHAA –full moon syndrome over come… ( my arm still hurts… )Hope you had a good weekend.

Love to all Mrs. Justa alias Cindy