snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 008

This is LAKE EFFECT snow..

It comes in bands and one spot will have sunshine, the next spot will be next to zero visibility.

It is unpredictable and kind of nerve wracking.

I went to the gym about 6 miles north of here and at the gym it was snowing…than 1 1/2 miles later –bright sunshine and blue skies. Than 1/4 of a mile from here..snowing till I got home.

All day it has been different depending on the minute.snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 010

This shot really shows the dramatic difference between the snow and the not snow line.

It is fluctuating, and depending on which weather person we listen too, we can be expecting over a foot before morning. Oh I really hope not… I am just not in the mood for the shaking and shivering of snow removal and wind blowing snow crystals down my neck… the frozen finger feeling… nope just not ready…

My one brother is a snow plow driver and my son a police officer..Both have to head out on roads untreated and their job requires them to be in the storms no matter what.Mark used to drive a tractor trailer too … he had to drive in whatever the weather was. I could not do any of those jobs.. I am okay going from here to where I have to get to..but than that is kind of it.. I need to try to focus on work or home… and I do not venture out again till I have to.  Mark had millions of miles under his belt, so I am blessed to have his nerves of steel available when the weather is really bad.

I am a good winter driver..I believe I am.. and have driven through really NASTY storms.. just winter driving is tough at times, because people in this area need to have  1) common sense… 2) snow tires  …3) patience..

snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 009There are people who swear that we do not need snow tires..but unless you have all season that have new tread every year… I think you will find out there is just more control with snow tires. We have snows on the front and back of the cars and a pretty aggressive tread on the pick up..

This year we have the pick-up—it does have 4 wheel drive…so we might find out how that works out too. I personally have never had a 4 wheel drive vehicle..but people who have swear by them.

So I am off… to go and chill.. and get ready for the unknown in the morning… I will let you know if we were spared the snow or not tomorrow… love to all. Mrs Justa…alias Cindy…