Winter is still around us. It is amazing how much we have gotten off the hook. It is a GOOD winter when you have to start the snow blower just to run it every once in a while instead of to clear away snow. But being we live in the “
lake effect “line… we are about to potentially get hammered…

“By Mike Brookins – Updated 2/24/2012 3:44 PM

Tonight – Windy

Hi 45° | Low 30°

A High wind warning has been issued. Increasing winds overnight with SW to W 20-30 MPH with gusts to 50-60 MPH. Colder air begins to arrive overnight and a spray of snow moves in regionwide. Some heavier lake effect snow squalls developing east of the lake. A large area of 1-3" of snow is likely nearly everywhere with areas north of Oneida Lake 4-8" with isolated 8-12" amounts on the Tug Hill Plateau tonight. Blowing and drifting snow likely by morning. “

 100_0973Fortunately I LOVE to shovel clearing it up is FUN for me….

The winds are whipping, we can hear it beating against the house I want to pretend like it down not bother me, but it does—cuz I really dislike getting dumped on with snow. Makes me want to climb into a bag and wait it out.I just hate the thought of high winds and possible power outages…

But alas—the bag will be the warm bed tonight. We will take down the extra comforter incase the power goes out..and we will prevail.

100_0880I am so thankful we do not have trees around our house now.… there is nothing more scary than realizing a branch could have gone through your roof…. The was an ice storm and I can not believe how lucky we were that the rest of the crack in the branch did not let go… the damage it could have done was enormous—but instead- the branch dropped and rested on the house- hanging onto the tree by a thread.

There is a commercial on about going to myrtle Beach… hmmm… do not temp me !…

Where do we sign up!!

There is a woman and her husband who hopped on a train Thursday morning, heading to Florida for a week at her sister and husbands place. Another person  was telling me that as she was growing up, there were people who lived in Florida in her family- so as kids and adolescents- they just had to get to Florida and than lodging was not an issue.

We talk about that sometimes- but for now—we are here… Many people from the north are “snow birds” and head south in the winter and come north for Spring, Summer and Fall. Maybe later in our life that might be an option… but not right now. I do not know if I would want to go as far south as Florida—but maybe on the Carolina coast might be nice.

I will take pictures tomorrow if the snow does hit.. Stay warm out there, remember to be thankful for all you have, see you tomorrow…. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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