I have been working some long hours these last couple of days and by the time I get home- well it is pushing 7:30 or so. When I am getting out late, I do not stop at the gym too… ugg if I did it would be Than last night was a special time… I got home at about 7:45 and than we went to Denny’s for dinner, and headed to bring Jeff a cup of coffee. It was a nice night to take a drive..and anywhere from here is a drive.

I was thinking today 100_6670on my way to and from work, as I watched the sky open up and welcome the day….how I must really be entertaining to passer-byers. As I have mentioned before- when I am working on a song for soloing in church- well I do not want to learn it here… I want to have kind of perfected it somewhat before I sing in front of anyone. So for the past 3 or 4 weeks, every chance I get, I replay and replay the track ..belting it out over and over again. Than the week or 2 before I am signed up  to share a special music with the church, I start practicing in the house.

So today- it was the last day of practicing in the car- and I sang the song over and over again all the way to work. Tonight-I brought the CD in here- and practiced . It is a tough song because of the message. It is a song title “What If”….It is a song that asks the question of what if there is nothing more…but what if there is ….  I am determined to get it ready for Sunday.

I am already getting the nervous anticipation of WINTER.. UGG> this is when the south sounds REALLY good. One of my co-workers is retiring this Friday, and another in 2 weeks. We are looking at the various issues.. and well retirement is gonna be well deserved by the time it gets here for me!.

But reality is on my dashboard—100_6756 staring right at me…. saying DEAL WITH IT!

Have you ever had things you were anxious about..for no real sensible reason? Well that is me and the anticipation of snow. Once it is here, I find myself calm cool and collected. I do spend a lot of time singing the “Lord’s Prayer” as I grasp the steering wheel, squint to see ahead of me, and go the 30 miles to work. After the first snow fall.. it does get better for me… just gotta get to that point.

I am off for now… kinda pooped again. Peace to all… hugs and wishes for goodnights for you!. Mrs Justa alias Cindy