And the hits just keep on what a week of stuff!

My computer died  a couple days ago… well it just would not boot up 100%, so Mark and I discussed what worked in the past for him… recovery…. … well system recovery was another way to say…. clear everything out of the computer and start over again. When it was done reloading…. it said… “Welcome to your first time on your new HP!” Well I gotta tell ya… I was less than thrilled. My photos gone, my professional Windows  7 gone, my greeting card program gone…. my patience went out the window with the programs…

So I have pieced together some stuff… and still need to load the windows 7 back on . I am feeling overwhelmed with work stuff, friend stuff, the gym, camping, family stuff , life stuff. It just seems life happens so fast.

I know people whose husbands are dealing with some significant health issues, friends who are dealing with their own health issues, a special person who is dealing with not one..but 2 deaths this week… and a few folks who are dealing with life stressors.

People are freaking out over the weather, some people seem worried about the doom and gloom that the world seems to be shoving down our throats. I am consumed over the Hurricane that is coming up the east coast.

We had gone to the outer banks last April and to think about these poor people who have rented a home on the outer banks for an awesome vacation… dang the houses rent for thousands a weeks. Where we were it was arrive Saturday afternoon and leave by Saturday morning. We went at the off seaon, but the same house in August would go for 49995.00 this week— it was 995.00 the week we went. I hope these houses withstand the storm.  

this is one of the larger homes on the ocean , in the town we were in.





This is the one we were in…

I can not imagine sticking it out, and thinking it will be okay.

From the deck we looked out at the ocean. TO think of 12-20 foot waves coming at that house…. oh I hope it makes it through.


SO the next 24 hrs will tell how the island held up.   Prayers for  everyone in the hurricane path…. thankful I am not there…. had I been younger and more foolish… we might have stayed there for life. It was fabulous. Love to all…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy