100_6152Okay folks.. this is great… We never had to move to be SNOW BIRDS!!


Nope—today was the 5th day of record breakers…rumor has it 80 degrees… the geese are in the plowed corn fields, the skeetters are out..those darn little gnatty bugs that like to fly in your nose and eyes are out..our flag is back out…. THIS IS WEIRD!!!  I



We have already gone to Lake Ontario 100_6066and had our Tim Horton’s coffee and watched the sunset… t is unbelievable.Mark just got the rider tuned up for summer and he thinks he is going to have to MOW on March 24th !!

Now I am really sorry for those folks who are digging out snow and stuff..the ol jet stream has just moved a bit..and well we are really getting VERY unusual weather.

Now naturally this would get me to wondering things… Like…

If the geese fly south for the winter time..and instantly they know to head north in April or May… than how do they get word that it got warmer sooner up here? HMMM..Is there like a dunce flock of geese—they have to stay up here and watch..and than when it gets warm they start to head south to tell the southern geese to come on back north?

Or so they watch a weather station … or do they never really leave????

And what about the garden?? Do I start planting now? Will we have a longer growing season? Like could I get 2 full cycles of gardening –because I normally do not plant till Memorial Day weekend..so If I start now..heck we could have zucchini before the end of May..than start over again…


And what about the Maple syrup people… it needs to be below freezing at night and above during the day for the sap to flow… so is it over than??Or if it comes back to normal temps will it start up again?

My snow tires came off the car last week… the mowers are gassed and ready to go… the garden will be weeded this weekend…the bugs are out…. people are wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts….Kinda nice…. The south moved north… we did not have to pay for fuel to go , travel expenses…

BUT what will summer be like??? What will next winter be like??? Now the south can keep the tornados, the bigger bugs, the hurricanes… we will just enjoy the warmth…

I HATE being cold…. Love to all, Mrs Justa ..alias almost sweating Cindy