Okay, remember yesterday..and my looking at the fine lines in life… WELL

seems we got on the other Slideshowside of the fine line last night.

This morning at about 6 we had maybe 6-8 inches of snow. Mark drove me in , he had an MD appnt not far from my work. Well let me tell ya!! from the time we left –till he got back around 11-ish—there was 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow that appeared!

The fine line between rain and snow HAS BEEN CROSSED.This photo was on one of the internet sites for a local TV station.

We have had a season of rain—little bits of snow—but nothing like what we get every year for 3-4 months. Well today… this is a good old lake effect snow storm. There was a fine band of snow, and our house and Fulton NY seemed to be in the firing range.

But it is 1-20-2012..and I thin this will make our season snow fall at least double. I find it amusing when ,at work, people look at me like I have 3 heads, when I say how much snow we got..and they got maybe a couple inches. And we are not the heaviest area-..sometime the Tug Hill Plateau and Pulaski get nailed. All depends if the wind is blowing south east off the lake ( than we get hammered)..or directly east… than they get nailed.

And just a few feet difference—snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 010you can be getting nailed..or have the sun out..       Totally weird..

This was not today..but this is a lake effect storm.. just.. and I mean just north of us…

Weather is always fascinating..it puts me in my place. It makes me see how I have absolutely no control, I am a dot in the scope of the Universe.

Now I have to ponder about the storm rolling in tonight, wonder if the storm will bring us the predicted 4 inches tonight.. or if the lake will change the outcome. Today’s was supposed to be 6-8 inches… yeah that was the intro to it !!.

So I am off…. be safe… if you are in an area of heavy snow..drive carefully… pay attention to the road, and hopefully we will meet again.. Love to all, Mrs. Justa..alias Cindy