June 2011 house, garden, sunset 018It is getting darker earlier,—literally and figuratively….

the tomato plants are dying, the zucchini plants seem to be thinking about maybe retiring for the season and there is less humidity in the air. It rained all day today, tomorrow maybe it will stop, and I wonder what the fall and winter will bring. And this weekend we saw red leaves lying on the ground

We had what has seemed to be an ongoing summer, warm, HOT, humid, and parching at times. Sun seemed to shine forever, air conditioners humming us to sleep…. uggg I really hate the hot humid temps of July, I feel impatient and easily frustrated… but I think I hate more the fact that as we had our breakfast dinner at 7:30… it was getting dark.16600008The hummingbirds were there, but hard to see.  Hummingbirds…..I find them fascinating, these tiny little birds, flitting around, they come and go so quickly and they love red sweet liquid.

Mark asked a good question … “How did someone figure out that hummingbirds would be attracted to red sweet liquid?” That is a great question… I have no idea. But I do know they like the red syrupy liquid….

100_3084As the darkness starts to creep in slowly, it seems there is a proverbial black cloud over many people I know and care about. People with some significant health challenges, people with emotional issues, people with insecurities, people with  misfortunes. Their names I will leave out, they know who they are, but I am thinking of them each, and hoping they each have the strength to get through the challenges, the wisdom to not panic, and the acceptance that they have people who care.

So to all, I wish each person peace, and hope that the blue skies come back and the darkness fades away.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy