Moms never forget special times when their kids were younger. No matter how many years go by, something will trigger a memory or two that has been sitting patiently waiting to be seen again.

It happens to me often, different things, different places and poof the memory is like on Memorex, and I actually can feel the same emotion, smile to myself as  if it was the time I am remembering… Jeff..he was an awesome kid !!!…

I had to run to Wally World for a couple of things and as I was leaving there was a very young boy- probably 15 – working there. He was bringing in the carts. And he was LOVING it. He truly had a real smile, he was actually showing pride in his job, and he had a genuine “Hi..” and “Thanks for shopping here today.”… Not a scripted bunch of words that the employees know they have to say… no this was from the heart.

And the memories started to come out. Swirling… coming to the surface…. When Jeff was in early middle school he always wanted me to park the farthest away from the store so he could bring the stray carts in. He would tell me with the most sincere smile and a sparkle in his eyes.. “When I grow up I want to bring in shopping carts for my job.”  At that time- he loved hauling carts… I mean loved it. And he was not even working at the stores. He just did it.

Later in high school he actually got a job at a grocery store… and the carts did not have the same meaning to him than they did at 11 or 12. But he took pride in the job, and everything he did was done with perfection… and even bringing the carts in- he did neatly, efficiently. He loved working at that store. I saw Jeff’s love for that job in this young boys face tonight. And it was refreshing. Everyone needs to have a job they really love and not one that is just a J O B.

Oh my goodness, I hope you all love your jobs… To that young boy… “thanks for the memory… “  I love my little boy.. even though he is a grown man, husband and father of 2 beautiful sons… he will always be my baby…. and always be in memories from many years gone by. love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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