Happy nurses week.. Happy nurses official day – May 12th. Every year nurses day is May 12th. Why??? Because May 12th is Florence Nightingale’s Birthday. The majority of nurses I know got into it because they have a level of compassion that soars above the rest.

They are hard workers, they are giving of themselves, they are not judgmental, they feel good at the end of each day. Sure, as in any field, we can remember the nurses that were in it for the wrong reasons, but I am focusing on the ones who were destined to be nurses.

A nurses day is unpredictable, for human nature and life is unpredictable and the day is based on human events. it is not like jobs where you can go into work and know what your day will be like. I personally have worked in the hospital, in the doctors office, as a triage nurse, even volunteered for a trip with the school band to be their nurse, did a distance learning program and became a associate paralegal and a diploma legal nurse consultant… I have been in the payer side – in administration.

Working in the hospital – well I think that was my favorite type of nursing. It is not an easy job, but for me it was a job where I felt every day I made a difference.

I do not know how many of the folks out there have been in a hospital- but I am thinking probably many. As a hospital nurse many of my colleagues and myself took pride in making the stay as good as we could for every patient. It is a unique environment, because when  person is admitted to the hospital they change their role in life. No matter if is a person who lives on the street or a well known professional, everyone gets the same gown, with the same possibility for the need for frequent nursing care, possible surgery, IVS and someone to care for them . As a nurse it is one thing I found a challenge but I took the challenge and ran with it, for I did not want anyone to feel they were judged or not treated professionally and with respect. Or ashamed because they were at the mercy of a stranger to care for their most private needs.

Oh at the end of each day, there are sore backs, swollen feet at times, and legs that are screaming that they have been walking and tugging for the past 8 hrs or so, but it always was a good tired. And no matter how poorly a patient felt, I did my best to make them comfortable and not only listen to what they said but try to read their non verbals too.

I truly miss the hospital environment, I love the administration side of nursing, but the hospital side was fulfilling in a different way. So to all the nurses out there… Happy Nurses Week… and to everyone who is not a nurse.. if you know a nurse… take a moment and thank them . For I can assure you there are many times in their life where they put the patients in front of their family. Working long hours, working weekends, holidays.. filling in shortages… whether in the clinical arena or in the administrative side- in health care- there are times when the job holds a nurse at it and someone they care about is waiting for them to come home.

Love to all mrs justa… alias Cindy