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Remember a few weeks back when I posted these photos of our camper that was winter entertainment for mice… well we have been around to folks, getting prices for totally replacing with new canvas, ( no one was interested in repairing the existing stuff) , prices for another camper, ( do not want the payments) , to a hard shell… need a different car ( so than we would have car and trailer payments) , and we joked about a fifth wheel.. ( now we are talking about truck payment and huge camper payments) and than there is always the real motorized RVs… definitely not in our budget- ( but fun to walk thru ) ……….

So we decided to work on it ourselves. and ………….




results.  TAAA DAAA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



We first patched the outside with canvas,


added this flag material to the outside-cuz the canvas just looked unfinished to us.





Than we have to tackle the inside… a few weeks back the canvas and screen patches were applied to the outside- but the inside showed the holes… What to do??? After thinking long and hard over options.. here is what I came up with.













I added extra patches for a wall paper look instead of just over the chewed areas…

AND the little varmints ate some of the curtains too… grrr. that was a tough decision what to do… the curtains have fancy little plastic clippy things that clip onto an aluminum bar… too tough to sew these clippy things on my sewing machine… so the patches came out again… 100_5250

VOILA… we have a rather unique camper…

and we tried to not make it look gaudy… but at the same time I could not see where we could afford the camping store to do the canvas—heck this is a 1995 camper…

so now our last project- figure where the water is leaking in the trunk, caulk every seam imaginable and wash the camper.

This afternoon we emptied the trunk area, and found that the face of the trunk was popped out from the aluminum lip- so it has been raining and snowing into the trunk- the floor of the trunk has a 6” area that is weak- and a corner- two finger width that is through the bottom. Ideally it needs a reinforced floor… but taking out the old and putting in the new… However. Mark and I are not quite able to do that— so we cleaned out the trunk, caulked the hole… filled that sucker right up…., glued the facing to the trunk back on.. and than I used Simple Green and cleaned the trunk inside and out. We are letting it dry for a few days in the up position. Than I can clean the rest of the outside of it once we set it down. Duct tape, caulk, glue and a lot of scrubbing— who knows if it will hold!

Next adventure- is we had to replace the tires- and the new tires are bigger than the original tires. So we can not put the bed support on unless we remove the spare. (Which we have done) But we either have to move the spare bracket- or drill a new hole for the bolt to go in for the bed brace— we are thinking maybe Jeff could help us with that venture… we may see if we have a drill and bit to do it.. so this is probably not a great fix to some… but we are okay with it… we are “Happy Campers”..

Maybe Memorial Weekend we will try it out…we want a little rain storm first so we can see how it holds up… grrr when ya want rain.. it does not come… Love to all. A very pooped Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy