Okay, so anyone who read my blog last night doesn’t end up thinking I am a total LOSER.. I thought I would share my tulips that are just now retiring for the season. But they were very vibrant and pretty. I planted the bulbs last year and they did come up with a vengeance this Spring.

I was just checking out the flower area under the sign as we went up to do the weekly shopping and I noticed the annuals are taking over the place. So this weekend— well tomorrow- I need to get some discipline on the plants before they take over the place in an anarchy. 100_5056





Gotta leave some room for my pathetic wanna be marigolds and petunias.

Tonight is the first real sign of hotter days to come.. fireworks… we hear them in the distance. Indi thinks he is getting shot at.. but that is cool.. fireworks at the lake. We, unfortunately are not actually at “the lake” but when we drove by “the lake” there were lots of folks there in anticipation of the fireworks. ( I LOVE FIREWORKS)

SO a long weekend is about to happen. We were thinking about camping… maybe next weekend. This weekend I think we may be blessed with a dinner visit from our two little grand baby boys and their parents!! Maybe if the health of the children stays on a positive side… than there is a chance we will share a few hrs with them on Sunday Evening.. Mark and I are thinking an all American cookout.. Salt potatoes, hamburgers, hotdogs and a yummy salad. Some cottage cheese for Brandon too ( he LOVES cottage cheese!) , and a less annoying veggie for Amanda-

Tomorrow… NOW DON’T  SNICKER… I am planting our vegetable garden. ( NO not the pathetic plants I am praying will stop being whimps) but the seeds that I plant directly in the garden. Zucchini, summer squash, cantaloupe,  snap peas, lettuce, radishes… mmmm I can already imagine how great they will be. I am not bringing the pathetic ones out yet, don’t want to make the new seeds think that is all they have to do.

Stephanie – a very neat blogging friend of ours –http://bipolarsoupkitchen-stephany.blogspot.com/ suggested putting the pathetic plants I debuted on the blog last night – in a “hot house” type environment..so I am going to water them again tonight and cover them with the lids that came with their planter starter kits.. ( heck I can not do any more damage to them) – I will speak kindly to them, tell them I love them, hum them a lullaby, and cover them with plastic.

I want to stitch around the edges of the patches 100_5260 I put all over the tent camper before we crank it down . We ahve had it up all week to see if it leaks in the rain… but it won’t rain. So I figure if we put it down, it will rain, and at least we can see if the trunk area that we fixed..( or tried to fix) last week is no longer leaking.

I also realized I have let 6 weeks pass without entering the expenses in the check book on Quicken—so i will be doing that… I always love cleaning the house on the weekend.. so I will do that.

We will go to the gym all 3 days.. do what our bodies let us do.. Mark has a real good handle on what he can do without aggravating his leg or back, and he does the best he can.  He has found he can get a really good workout in the pool- as the weight bearing is not an issue in the water. plus the exercise bike and rower do not  injure his leg any more than it already is… and the trainer has showed him machines that help the upper body.

Me.. well I have a few ailments and Greg the trainer has found things that will help me too. We are both working hard to be better to ourselves…something that is easy to forget to do in this world of fast foods and quick fixes.

For now… I am off to watch some fo the news… and fix a protein smoothie… and  a little later… cover myself with fresh sheets and have my fan wisp air in my face as I drift off to sleep.. … Love to all…. mrs Justa.. alias Cindy