Saturday was a day when you could look at the sky and watch as the clouds change from image to image. When I was a kid I would lay in the grass and stare at the sky as the show went on. The wind would wisp the clouds around and I would watch as a cloud changed from looking like a question mark to a dog, to a person, to a shape, the imagination would be the only limitation one would have on what shapes were there.

I sat in my car for a little while and just watched the show on Saturday, than I got out, shot a few photos and went on my way. As I look back on this ever changing world in the royal blue sky, I am finding a similarity to our day to day lives. In a second the shape of our life can change.

Jeff and Amanda dealing with being new parents for a second time and now having their 18 mos old with Coxsackie. Man if you have never seen it, or had it.. I give them an award of patience and poor Brandon I am praying he will fell better soon.This virus causes sores in the mouth, sometimes on the hands and feet… it hurts to drink, eat, ya feel like crapolla. From one day he felt fine- to another day- high fever , and really sick.  Life changes in the blink of an eye.. just like the clouds. My prayers are with him.

I just read on Facebook that some very good friends of ours are 100_5210 at University Hospital with their child who was injured in a 4 wheeler accident. He sounds like more pain than permanent damage, but in-patient for a couple days in observation, fractured shoulder or upper arm, pelvis and knee. Possible surgery in the future. So what ever life was like 48 hrs ago, in a split second life changed. Like the clouds… the things we see in one instant are looking different all of the sudden. I hope he is okay. I feel for our friends. My prayers are with him too… that God will help them through this very rough time…

Today, on a much milder note… but still it was a different day than I had planned when I went to bed last night.. we ended up with 4 people out of work for various reasons. We got through it, but when we are planning on a Monday for one person out, and 3 more are added to the list… well it changes the whole day. We survived, fortunately we are all cross trained to do all the various responsibilities, so it was not as devastating as it would have been if we each had our special responsibilities and no one else knew how to do them…Thank goodness.. but it reminded me of the clouds on Saturday. A wisp of a few moments and the day was changed for all.

I heard on the radio today on my way in.. a woman was killed in a head on collision after she drifted over the yellow line. Wisp.. whosh.. life changed for those in her life, for her family, friends, job, church, the list goes on and on.

We need to always be ready, we need to expect the unexpected, we need to be aware. May this find you at peace right now,…. Hang on, life is a rough ride, unexpected turns and bends… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy