The sounds of summer, the sounds of comfort. 100_2627 Like hearing the kitchen faucet running and dishes clanging as I played outside, knowing my mom was there watching over her children. Giving us the freedom to go out and play, but close enough to help if needed.

The sound of rain tapping on the roof, peaceful sounding taps without the threatening wild winds of a thunder storm.

Listening as you drift off to sleep to the chirping of crickets, some say they chirp the temperature. I personally have never counted it, but some have told me if it is colder they chirp slower, and the hotter it is the fast they chirp.

We used to put sheets and blankets on out square clothes rack to make a make shift tent.

It was weird because the width from side to side became too narrow as we got older so our feet would stick out, and it was hard to cram 5 kids in this square- but we did it. As we stared up through the top we could see the sky flickering, and is obviously was not bug proof, so all night we would get mosquitoes buzzing in our ear canals… but if we were tough enough to make it through the night it was neat to hear the sounds of the birds as they woke each other up.

The sounds of the mosquitoes… not so much comfort… but they were sounds of summer.

The sounds of the ice cream man… that was a fun sound of summer. we did not get to buy from him a lot, but when we did it was always on a really hot day and the popsicle or cream bar would melt down our hands as we slurped to capture all the frozen treat we could.

The sounds of moms

ringing the cow bells for kids to come running home, and the sounds of various kids voices and laughter as we all romped around outside.

We got up and we were out for the day, running, chasing, setting up Kool-Aid stands , playing tag, kick ball, riding bikes, playing hopscotch, hide and go seek, Frisbee, bopping a tennis ball back against the school wall as the school was resting for the summer, swinging on the school swings, and sitting on the main street sidewalk waving at all who drove by. We sat and played jacks- did that for hours… I remember the warmth of the cement on my legs and butt… we would find a shade tree and read a book, we would go in the field and lay down – looking up at the clouds… 100_5206

seeing all the shapes that flew overhead.

Do you ever remember the welcome feeling of a breeze on a very hot humid day, It was a whisper of a breeze, way too short lived and making anticipation for another one seem almost a desperate need.

I remember the feeling of the wind blowing on my face as  I peddled with vigor thru the suburban streets. The area we grew up in was all streets that looped together, so one could ride around and around the same loop.

The communities pool, as we approached it , we could hear the inviting sounds of splashing and the rebound spring sound of the diving board, with the ear piercing whistle from the life guards. And I can’t forget the sounds of a mower in the distance, almost a humming sound , every once in a while accented by the sound of a stick or rock having a duel with the blades of the mower.

And growing up in a suburban area, as the darkness fell , and our windows were open, we could hear the sounds of the neighbors – laughing, or fighting… it seemed always like they were in our house.

Ahh the sounds of summer..enjoy them… treasure your own… Love to all. Mrs Justa .. alias Cindy