100_4981_edited Where to go?

What to do next?

What is the correct step to take?

Those “why me” situations..

When is it best to just keep your mouth shut?

Life is full of those quandaries. Things as simple as what to wear for the day, to more complicated things.. which task to tackle first.

Do I buy this.. or save for that? 

Do I go there.. or do I go somewhere else first?

Where to go from where you are in life?

Yes we have choices we make every day. And some of those choices are not ones we can turn back from. So it can be tough to decide which step to take next. When life’s future feels like it is all closed doors, that has to be scary. When people feel like there is no way out, no options, that has got to feel lonely.

I think about that as I hear of people who are seeking employment. When I see people who might be scraping to pay for their few groceries, pr a[[ear to have all their belongings crammed in their car. Closed doors… doors that seem bigger than life itself….

have you ever felt like every door is closed.

My kid sister is in a bind.. she wrote on FB that she is still looking100_4980 for employment, it brings the closed door thing closer to home.

The folks who are ill, injured, and without the ability to work.. the closed doors are everywhere.

People whose family no longer speaks to them….

People without the ability to keep their homes.

People who have lost their will to go on….

I had closed doors all around me in my life… I am sure many people have… and each time the door  knobs would not turn, it felt like they were super glued… and than all of the sudden, a door knob creaked and something would make the door ajar.

If you are going through a time of closed doors… feeling like the options are poor to non- existence… have faith that a door will open… watch it carefully, do not miss an opportunity to go forward.


It is funny, because in this photo … do you notice the cat.. peering around the corner? Just like those opportunities that might be on their way….

Good luck to those looking for the opening.. I am sure you will find one. Love, Mrs Justa,,, alias Cindy